Organisation, Management and Control Model

This Model of Almac S.p.A. in compliance with Article 6, paragraph 1, letter a) of the Decree, therefore summarises the coherent set of principles, procedures and company provisions, supplementing them where necessary, that:
– affect the internal functioning of the Company and the manner in which it
relates to the outside world;
– regulate the management of company activities and, in particular, the control system for sensitive activities, aimed at preventing the commission or attempted commission of the so-called predicate offences, as defined below.

The adoption of the Model, in addition to representing grounds for exempting the Company from liability, with reference to the commission of certain types of offences, is an act of social responsibility towards ‘stakeholders’ (shareholders, managers, employees, customers and all other subjects whose interests are linked to the life of the Company). The presence of a control system for entrepreneurial action, together with the establishment and dissemination of ethical principles, improving the standards of conduct adopted by the Company, in fact, increase the trust and reputation it enjoys with third parties and, above all, perform a regulatory function in that they regulate the conduct and decisions of those who are called upon to work in favour of the Company on a daily basis, in accordance with the aforementioned ethical principles and standards of conduct.

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