T-CRANE 1060

  • Max Crane Capacity: 990 kg
  • Max lifting height: 7.7m
  • Max moving height: 7.7m
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T-CRANE 1060

  • Self-propelled and self-levelling crane

The first pick&carry mini-crane with AlmaCrawler self-levelling technology, available either with a Yanmar engine or a full-electric 300Ah Lithium battery pack.

Highly flexible, the T-Crane 1060 can be used for various lifting needs and jobsites, both indoor and outdoor.

Thanks to our innovative and patented self-levelling technology, the T-Crane 1060 can be driven and used on slopes and uneven terrain up to 22°.

Equipped with a standard remote control, the T-Crane 1060 easily travels and carries loads up to 990kg, featuring a 7.7m lifting height with a 6.1m maximum working radius.

  • Removable Counterweight

To ensure maximum flexibility, the T-Crane 1060 has been fitted with a removable 1000kg counterweight.

By removing it, the operator is able to lower the overall weight to 2.850 kg for easy transportation by trailer or entrance in jobsites that require very low ground pressure.

  • MyAlmac Control Panel

Launched in 2020, the MyAlmac Control Panel allows operators and rental companies to simplify and centralize the management of all after-sales activities including diagnostics and service, spare parts purchasing and warranty procedures.


AlmaCrawler’s aim is to offer its customers platforms that are high-performance, safe and able to meet their needs. For these reasons, the aerial platform T-CRANE 1060 can be equipped with several options including:

  • Non-marking tracks
  • Electric pump 220V 2.2kW
  • Arctic lubricant for cold climate


Technical data EVO LTH
Max lifting height 7,7 m
Max moving height 7,7 m
Rotation angle +/-110°
Max working radius 6,11 m x 450 kg
Max. crane capacity 990 kg x 3,5m
Pick and carry capacity 990 kg
Length in stowed position with counterweight 4,32 m
Length in stowed position without counterweight 4,22 m
Min width in stowed position 1,35 m
Max working width 2,45 m
Min height in stowed position 1,91 m
Longitudinal leveling +/- 15°
Lateral leveling +/- 15°
Max gradeability 25°
Max side greadeability 25°
Drive speed (fast) 2,5 km/h
Security speed 0,3 km/h
Length of winch cable 30 m
Total weight with counterweight 3850 kg 3910 kg
Traffic load with counterweight 3,57 kN/m2 3,63 kN/m2
Total weight without counterweight 2850 kg 2910 kg
Traffic load without counterweight 2,64 kN/m2 2,7 kN/m2
Engine 3TNM68  Yanmar engine
(diesel) 17 Hp
Lithium battery pack
300Ah-48V DC 4 kW
Battery Charger N°2 20A-48V


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