Customise your scissor lift in terms of colour and power

Almac offers clients a service to customise machines in our catalogue. You can choose from a number of different options depending on your needs and preferences.

Which parts of the aerial platform can be customised?

Almost all parts of machine models in the HE-line and BL-line can be customised. The scissor lift parts that can be customised are listed below:

  • engine, diesel or petrol
  • crawlers, non-marking or standard tracks
  • basket colour, with 10 different colours to choose from
  • chassis colour, also with 10 different colours to choose from
  • circuits, hydraulics or electronic
  • special software configurations

Moreover, machines can be equipped with electric motors and generators.

Online customisation using configurator

Aerial platforms can be customised while making a purchase online by simply clicking on the CONFIGURE button underneath the selected machine.On this page you’ll also find the basic customisations that can be made to machines for sale.To make a more specific request you’ll need to contact the company directly.All this is carried out in total compliance with the safety regulations in each country throughout the world where the machine may subsequently be used.

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