Distribution of bi-levelling aerial platforms through localised dealers

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Localised dealers

Almac sells and distributes its aerial platforms exclusively through localised dealers, thus facilitating the delivery of a localised marketing programme. All localised dealers are carefully selected and constantly up-to-date to ensure Customers receive qualified, timely and exhaustive assistance, both pre and post purchase. The company’s competitive focus has become increasingly geared toward the customer’s overall perceived value, dependent not only on the characteristics of the purchased product, but also to guarantee the customer a product/service that is:

  • High-quality
  • Delivered promptly
  • Customised to suit individual needs

These factors are essential in order to offer customers a complete service, both before and after the sale.

Where does Almac sell its aerial platforms?

In line with these principles, Almac entrusts its localised dealers with the task of assisting buyers both during the self-propelled aerial platform warranty period (link to Assistance page) and beyond, in coordination with its own technical help service. Almac has an extensive and capillary sales network for its crawler scissor lifts both in Italy and worldwide, allowing the company to monitor and consolidate its client relations in person. The sales network is an important extension of the company structure with the scope of offering its counterparts the product/service most suited to the most demanding customer needs.

How to make an appointment with a vendor?

If you need to make an appointment with an area manager, visit the contact section and ask for all the information you need by filling in the form found therein.