Italian quality crawler scissor lifts: the company’s pride and joy

Almac uses only 100% made in Italy materials and technology for the production of its crawler scissor lifts. The attention to detail, the choice of primary materials, the constant search for innovation mean the company is one of the best representatives of Italian manufacturing in the global market, designing and selling high-quality machines with a meticulous and creative design.

Everything is designed from the head offices in Mantua

All machines are produced using Italian materials, in Italy, specifically at the Viadana facilities in the province of Mantua. Not even the choice of construction materials is left to chance; the company has appointed national companies for the manufacture of the components used in its machines, which are then assembled by Almac. Constant research into new technologies and new functions by the Almac Research & Development team allow the company to stay one step ahead with respect to the competition, thus offering customers unique and high-performing machines.

Why buy a machine made in Italy?

The Italian mechanical sector is renowned for its broad, highly customised and quality manufacturing offer. Throughout the world, made in Italy has in fact always been synonymous with quality and excellence. Moreover, Almac’s ability to interpret and understand the individual needs of customers has allowed the company to excel in the global market, while also enhancing the value of made in Italy in this sector.

Diffusion of made in Italy throughout the world

Thanks to the company’s professionalism and the quality of its products, in just a few years Almac has successfully earned the respect of both the national and international market. Thanks to the made in Italy stamp, today the company exports its products to 5 different continents, reaching even as far as America and Australia every month.