Bibi 850-HE

  • Width: 0,80 m
  • Capacity: 250 kg
  • Max height: 7,82 m
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The compact aerial platform lift

The Bibi 850-HE aerial platform lift with stabilizers is designed by the Almac professional team according to a more “traditional” concept, to make life easier for the professionals who use specific machinery for working up to 8m in height.

What are the advantages?

The one proposed here is an efficient tracked aerial platform, which offers numerous advantages, such as those related to the following aspects:

  • Automatic stabilization
  • Utmost user-friendliness
  • Reduced dimensions due to the extension/retraction system of the stabilizers and of the tracked undercarriage

To achieve these results, the BIBI 850-HE has been equipped with 4 independent automatic stabilizers that allow the machine an instant stabilization, a very special feature, as well as a unique user-friendliness. Its compactness (80 cm in width and less than 2 meters height – when machine devices are retracted ) also ensures rapid movements facilitating work activities in tight spaces (max 1,25 m work space). On the other hand, there are two possibilities for working at height: on tracks up to 6m in height with a maximum slope of +/- 2 ° or on the four stabilizers up to 8m working height and maximum slope of 24 °. The cabin, finally, is extensible from 0.8 m x 2.21 m, is completely foldable and has a capacity of 250 kg (2 operators).

What are the customization?

To meet the needs of different types of professionals for whom these devices are designed, Almac has decided to offer some additional services, which allow the creation of a customized tracked aerial platform. Specifically, you will be able to customize your machinery with:

  • Coloring on request
  • Anti-marking tracks
  • 220 V – 2.2 kW Electric pump


Brochure 850HE Retro IT-EN.psd


Basket capacity 250 kg (2 op.)
Max working height 7.8 m
Max height basket floor 5.8 m
Moving height 4.0 m
Lateral levelling for moving at heights
Powered Gasoline Honda GX270
Powered (option) Gasoline Honda iGX390
Powered (option) Diesel Hatz 1B40
Accelerator Manuale / Manual
Undercarriage Retraibile / Retractable
Basket levelling Automatico / Automatic
Longitudinal levelling Front +/- 13°
Longitudinal levelling Rear +/- 14°
Lateral levelling +/- 23°
Power generator (option) 220V-1kW (iGX390, 1B40)
Electric pump (option) 220V-2kW
Hydraulic commands Proporzionali /Proportionals
Direction-Control System Si / Yes
Easy-Drive System No
Kit for high speed max 2.20 km/h
Ground emergency Si / Yes
Control of inclination Automatico / Automatic
Gradeability 25°
Side slope 21°
Length 2.14 m
Width 0.80 ÷ 1.24 m
Min. machine height with folded railings 1.88 m
Total weight 1781 kg
Compliance EN 280 : 2015

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This is the auxiliary traction control. For example while the machine is moving over a grass allowing the command in a “smooth control” with acceleration and deceleration phases extended. That void wrong commands like tracks counter-rotatition.

This is the auxiliary steering control. For example while the machine is transferring and/or in a straight path allowing the operator to handle both tracks using one joy-stick forward and reward.