Jibbi 1250 ELC

  • Capacity: 230 kg
  • Working height: 12.2 mt
  • Min. with: 1.15h
  • Autonomy: 7 h
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The self-propelled telescopic crawler with dynamic Bi-livelling system

Between the machines of last innovative JT series of Almac, it’s available the self-propelled boom JIBBI 1250 ELC. This model is similar to the JIBBI 1250 EVO, to except for engine, that in this case is total electric.

As all the other AlmaCrawler range, this JIBBI version is equipped with automatic levelling technology (Dynamic and Proactive), which allows to operate on rough terrain and / or on steep slopes.

Why choose it: differences and similarities with the EVO model

Through an in-depth study of the needs of its customers, Almac develops constantly innovative systems of lift and handling. This productive philosophy it allows the company to propose an efficient electric self-propelled boom.  Equipped with an Lead acid battery pack 420Ah-48V, the JIBBI 1250 ELC have a 7 hours working autonomy (rechargeable battery maximum travel: 1600mt).

As well as EVO version, there are some functional optionals aimed at increasing the operator safety:

  • DWP – Dynamic Working Performance, dynamic control of the performances of the machine accordingly to the working conditions (subject to patent request)
  • Safe-Lock System, prevention system on the exit of the tracks from the tensioning wheels (subject to patent request)
  • Fast connected Winch Kit (maximum capacity 200kg) that can be easily installed to transform the Jibbi in a small articulated crane machine providing a great versatility in the daily applications.
  • New Anti-collision Ultrasonic System, for protecting the operator as an anticrushing barrier on both sides of the basket (in the upper and lower part);

What are the available optional?

To be able to satisfy their customers’ necessities, Almac proposed a broad range of optional for the JIBBI 1250 ELC. In addittion to winch kit, there are some accessories made available to company:

  • Non-marking tracks
  • Radio remote control
  • Arctic lubricant for cold climate

Contexts of use:

The features and optionals mentioned so far, make the ELC version a self-propelled crawler suitable for operating both indoors and outdoors and in areas where low sound emission is required, such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Urban and extra-urban parks
  • Residential areas

In addition, with Non-marking tracks, you’ll have a possibility to operate on sensitive surfaces like a lawns and interior floorin, without leaving imprints.



Max working height 12,2 m
Max height basket floor 10,2 m
Moving height 8,0 m
Max outreach (load 80 kg) 7,0 m
Max outreach (load 230 kg) 5,4 m
Rotation angle +/-110°
Basket size 1,4 x 0,7 m
Basket rotation angle +/- 70°
Max basket capacity 230 kg
Length in stowed position (with detached basket) 3,7 (3,0) m
Min width in stowed position 1,15 m
Max working width 1,95 m
Min height in stowed position 1,98 m
Longitudinal leveling +/- 15°
Lateral leveling +/- 15°
Max gradeability 25°
Max side greadeability 25°
Drive speed (fast) 2,5 km/h
Security speed 0,3 km/h
Traffic load 4,82 kN/m2
Total weight 3600 kg
Batterie trazione 420Ah-48 V DC 4 kW
Extras – On Demand
Non-marking tracks
Winch kit 200 kg
Radio remote control
Arctic lubricant for cold climate

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This is the auxiliary traction control. For example while the machine is moving over a grass allowing the command in a “smooth control” with acceleration and deceleration phases extended. That void wrong commands like tracks counter-rotatition.

This is the auxiliary steering control. For example while the machine is transferring and/or in a straight path allowing the operator to handle both tracks using one joy-stick forward and reward.