• Capacity: 230 kg
  • Working height: 15.0 mt
  • Min. with: 0.79 mt
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Spiderboom platform to reach 15 metres in height with fixed automatic stabilisation

Among the machines in the innovative AlmaCrawler BT LINE aerial platform range is the Spiderboom B1570 VISUAL ETS, a model with fixed area automatic stabilisation technology and endothermic petrol power supply.

The B1570 VISUAL ETS aerial platform allows operators to reach a height of 15 metres in complete safety, a fundamental and common feature in all the machines developed by the company, as well as the characteristics of compactness (minimum width of 0.79 m) and maximum weight of approximately 2605 kg, so that they can be easily transported on trailers.

The operational reach of the B1570 VISUAL ETS is up to 10 metres and the maximum load capacity in the nacelle is 230 kg.

Technology features B1570 VISUAL ETS

Thanks to the experience of many years of activity, AlmaCrawler has developed and implemented new technologies on the Spiderboom B1570 VISUAL ETS that allow to obtain high performances:

  • SPS (Self-Propelled Skilled System) system that allows the platform to be used on longitudinal slopes up to 10° and lateral slopes up to 5°, even without the use of outriggers;
  • AWP (Adaptive Working Performance) technology that optimises the performance of the working outreach according to the stabilisation area;
  • XXL Undercarriage, a unique track width on the market which, thanks to its dimensions, guarantees safe loading/unloading and platform movement operations;
  • ATS (Automatic Tensioner System), the “Zero Maintenance” hydraulic automatic track tensioning system that maintains the correct tension of the machine.

Equipment on request

In order to meet and satisfy the needs of all its customers, AlmaCrawler offers several optional extras on the B1570 VISUAL ETS such as:

  • Resizable Basket, Tasket Basket, which allows you not to have to disassemble the basket to cross narrow passages;
  • Winch kit – Series 200 kg;
  • Ultrasonic anti-collision system;
  • Customised powder coating.



Max working height 15,00 m
Max height basket floor 13,00 m
Moving height 8,00 m
Max outreach (load 80 kg) 10,0 m
Max outreach (load 140 kg) 9,0 m
Max outreach (load 200 kg) 8,1 m
Max outreach (load 230 kg or 250 kg) 7,7 m (230 kg)
Rotation angle +/- 185°
Basket size 1,4 x 0,74 m
Basket rotation angle +/- 70°
Max basket capacity 230 Kg
Length in stowed position (with detached basket) 4,86 m (4,16 m)
Min width in stowed position 0,79 m
Minimum working width on tracks 0,79 m
Maximum working width on tracks 1,39 m
Min height in stowed position 1,98 m
Longitudinal leveling by SPS +/-10°
Max lateral inclination with SPS +/-5 °
Max gradeability 20°
Max side greadeability +/-5 °
Maximum stabilisation area 2,48 m x 4,09 m
Stabilisation Automatic
Drive speed (fast) 2,5 Km/h
Security speed 0,4 Km/h
Non-marking tracks Yes
Cable Remote LED Consolle or DISLAY Consolle Yes
Removable pads Yes
Traffic load
Total weight ≃ 2617 Kg
Main Power Source Honda iGX390
7.0 kW (9.4 HP) @ 3600 rpm
Hydraulic gearmotors Yes
Electric gearmotors No
N°2 battery charger 20Ah-48 V No
Extras – On Demand
Tasket Basket 0,78 (1,20) x 0,70
Wide Basket No
Motore Hatz 1B40 6.8 kW (9.3 HP) @ 3600 rpm
Eletric pump 220V-2,2KW / 50Hz (Weight +30 Kg) Yes
Radio remote dsplay or led control Yes
Arctic lubricant for cold climate Yes
Winch Kit Series 200 kg Yes
Anticollision System Yes
Customized powder coating (One Special Colour + BLACK 9005) Yes

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The SPS system is what allows the use of the Billennium Spiderbooms even without lowering the stabilizers, levelling longitudinally up to a maximum of 10° with a maximum working height of 8 m for the B1570 and 9 m for the B1890 (max lateral slope 5°).


This system calculates the stabilization area in real time by measuring the angle of descend of each individual stabiliser in order to optimise the operational outreach performance over the entire working area up to an extra 0.5 m.