Since 2013, AlmaCrawler has distinguished itself as an innovative player in the tracked elevated platform sector, implementing the pioneering visions of its founders. Blending high-level technical expertise with a thorough industry knowledge, the company has brought to life a solution that has helped redefine the standards of the aerial platform market. Through a proactive approach and relentless commitment to research and development, AlmaCrawler has succeeded in developing a revolutionary product that has quickly gained interest in the global market, offering an unparalleled combination of performance, safety, and versatility

Our patented technology

EU   Patent No. EP3177561 B1

US  Patent No. US10399834B2

AU   Patent No. AU2015298492 B2

CA   Patent No. CA2955645 C

RU   Patent No. RU2711828 C2

The Patented Bi-leveling System

In 2015, AlmaCrawler filed its first patent for its automatic leveling system called the “bi-leveling system,” an innovative technology that, on lateral and longitudinal slopes, offers exceptional performance, safety, and comfort even in the most demanding conditions by automatically compensating for the slope thanks to the mechanical mechanism and proprietary software. After consolidating the features and functionalities of this system, an immediate request for international patent was initiated. Today, the bi-leveling system is installed on most AlmaCrawler products.

Highlighted in the technical drawing above is the Bibi scissor lift, the first product with the patented bi-leveling system capable of compensating up to 20° of longitudinal inclination and 14° of lateral inclination, increasing operator comfort, safety, and productivity.



All scissor-type tracked platforms produced by AlmaCrawler belonging to the BL-line categories have been equipped with the patented bi-leveling system since 2015, while since 2019, it is also available on all our models of tracked Multi-Loader transporters in the BL version.

The Advantages of a Patented Product for the Customer

AlmaCrawler has continued to push the boundaries of technology, developing state-of-the-art machinery boasting the latest automatic bi-leveling system. By purchasing a patented product, the customer not only ensures a high-quality and unique product but also has the guarantee of being able to rely on service support with total product knowledge and thorough experience. Thanks to the combination of these factors, every tracked platform with AlmaCrawler’s bi-leveling system can meet the needs of users in different sectors and overcome the most challenging tasks

But what does this mean for users of an AlmaCrawler product?

  • Higher safety: The automatic bi-leveling system ensures unparalleled stability even on slopes up to 20° longitudinal and 14° lateral, offering increased safety during work.
  • Increased productivity: AlmaCrawler solutions are designed to optimize machine usage times. You will no longer have to worry about manually leveling the machine, working statically, or lowering the platform for repositioning.


But what does our patent allow you to do?


  • Ability to keep the operator at a 0-degree inclination at all times.
  • Eliminates the need for frequent repositioning.
  • Reduces machine downtime, enabling moving at height.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of injuries by eliminating repetitive activities due to repeatedly stabilizing the vehicle.


Investing in R&D has always meant for AlmaCrawler to choose innovation and safety in every aerial platform solution to provide the market with innovative and unique, but above all, safe products for the operator. To fulfill our commitment to our customers, we are dedicated to safeguarding our innovations through appropriate actions with the relevant authorities to address any infringements of our patents.