The bi-levelling patent for Almac tracked aerial platforms

Since its founding in 2013, Almac began to work in the field of crawler scissor lifts with the aim of bringing the founders’ innovative ideas to life. Thanks to their extensive experience in the mechanical sector, they managed to create a new and innovative product in the aerial platform industry, rapidly affirming themselves in the global market.

The patented BI-levelling system

In 2015 the company patented its first innovative BI-levelling system, which thanks to its lateral and longitudinal inclinations is able to offer performance, safety and comfort even in the most extreme conditions. After ascertaining the characteristics and functions of this system, a request was immediately made for an international patent. Today the Bi-levelling system is installed on all lifts produced by Almac.

What are the benefits of a patented product for customers?

Three years after its first patent was certified, the company continues to develop newer, even more innovative technologies. The latest generation machines that Almac continues to produce feature the latest model of the automatic BI-levelling system, which is able to overcome longitudinal slopes of 20° and lateral slopes of 15°. With a patented product, customers also acquire the certainty of a quality product and the knowledge that they can rely on a machine unique to its kind. Thanks to the technology available to each of its scissor lifts, Almac is able to satisfy users in all sectors and overcome all types of difficulties.

Aerial platforms with patented system

All crawler scissor lifts produced by Almac in the HE-line or BL-line categories feature the Bi-levelling patented system. Following is a list of various products featuring the Bi-levelling patented system: