AlmaCrawler signs new partnership in France with NACELEXPERT for its Aerial Working Platform Line

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AlmaCrawler, a leading provider of Aerial Working Platforms, is pleased to announce the official signing of a distribution agreement with Nacelexpert for the exclusive distribution of its Aerial Working Platform Product Lines within the territory of France.

Founded in 2006 by Frederic Allier and Thierry Brun, Nacelexpert has rapidly emerged as a distinguished player in the industry. The company boasts a dedicated and substantially skilled team which will oversee the sales and service operations of the AlmaCrawler AWP product family. This comprehensive range includes renowned product lines such as BIBI, JIBBI, and Billennium, with a commitment to support possible future developments.

Frederic Allier, Co-owner of Nacelexpert, expressed his thoughts on the new partnership: “ We were looking for a new significant partnership with an innovative access manufacturer. This new strategic agreement with AlmaCrawler will allow us to bring some dedicated access solutions for very difficult jobsites. We are very confident into the expertise and highly skilled people of AlmaCrawler. This exclusive dealership contract takes place into a dynamic of innovation and differentiation which is the purpose of NacelExpert. »

Jonathan Vioni, AlmaCrawler Dealer Network Manager, emphasized the strategic significance of this collaboration, stating, “France represents a cornerstone for the future growth of AlmaCrawler. We are delighted to have formalized this agreement with Nacelexpert, a key and respected player in the French Territory. With our thriving business activities with Tier 1 customers and a rich history in one of the largest European markets, this collaboration marks a crucial step forward. It enables us to expand our presence within the rental industry, strengthen our ties with existing customers, and capitalize on the enormous potential of this market.”

Vioni continued, “Our innovative and versatile product lines, coupled with a focus on technology and innovation, align seamlessly with Nacelexpert’s credibility, organizational structure, market history, and experience. This partnership positions us to implement this project at full strength, providing optimal solutions to the market.”

The agreement between AlmaCrawler and Nacelexpert was the result of a series of exploratory meetings, showcasing mutual confidence in elevating the business of both partners in France.

AlmaCrawler, experiencing consistent growth since the introduction of its first self-leveling scissor lift in 2013, boasts a global network of over 40 dealers. The company remains committed to expanding its network, diversifying product lines, and entering new market segments and industries.

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