Case Study – Ormi Srl & Tecnoutensili Capararo Srl

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Tecnoutensili Capararo Srl, is a historical company in Valtellina, that offers its customers a wide range of professional equipment for industry, construction and gardening.The company needed machinery suitable for a variety of contexts and in particular capable of reaching work areas with narrow access and able to operate on sloping terrain such as the mountainous Valtellina area.

Ormi Srl, AlmaCrawler’s business partner since its foundation, has always focused on the innovation and quality of the company’s 100% made in Italy products. They are unique machines capable of performing tasks in particular positions that previously could only be imagined. It is precisely for these reasons that Tecnoutensili Capararo has proposed two models capable of fully satisfying advanced requirements.

By purchasing a JIBBI 1250 EVO and a JIBBI 1670 EVO, Tecnoutensili Capararo was able to reach a part of the market that required highly specialised machines. The two JIBBI have been used for various applications such as construction sites, painting of external facades by painters, landscaping companies, gyms, using electric motors, replacing lighting systems, road maintenance and the creation of an adventure park in the mountains.

The opinion of Nicola Melè of Tecnoutensili Capararo Srl:

Nicola Melè, Rental and Training Manager, says he discovered the JIBBI 1250 at GIS in Piacenza in 2019 and was particularly impressed. “I immediately saw the great potential of the machine as it could have made a difference and could have met any of our customers’ needs. Fully supported by my owner Dr. Lorenzini Carlo, within two years, through ORMI Srl, we purchased the first two machines.”

The opinion of Graziano Guidetti of Ormi Srl:

“Since its foundation in 2013, we have chosen to become a partner of AlmaCrawler because we have always believed in the seriousness and innovative skills of the owner Andrea Artoni. In fact, our trust has been repaid with machines that are always surprising and cutting-edge. It is a company in constant development, always able to surprise us with products built with exceptional quality and unique attention to detail. As I always say, a company that is always one step ahead.

In the future, the main objective is to continue to promote the AlmaCrawler brand in Lombardy, making customers aware of the technical aspects that differentiate these tracked lifts from the common aerial platforms on the market.”