UltraLight series: the new line of crawler aerial platforms

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AlmaCrawler introduces the new line of self-propelled crawlers developed in collaboration with Multitel Pagliero 


UltraLight is the name of the new line of products made by AlmaCrawler in collaboration with Multitel Pagliero, born from the union of the technologies and experience of the two companies. Multitel Pagliero is a company specialised in hydraulics applied to lifting equipment and has been on the market since 1911. Following the development of its technologies, it is now the European market leader in the truck-mounted aerial work platform sector thanks to its extruded aluminium booms. The UltraLight series with the first product of the JIBBI U-1570 line represents the fusion of tradition, with the Multitel Pagliero aluminium booms, and the innovation of the technological levelling solutions that characterise all the platforms manufactured by AlmaCrawler.The combination of the two companies’ know-how has resulted in a self-propelled machine that can reach a working height of more than 15 metres, while maintaining an extremely low weight of just 2880 kg, making it easy to transport from standard trailers.

Multitel Pagliero’s experience and AlmaCrawler’s innovation meet in the JIBBI U-1570 crawler platform with:

  • the boom made by Multitel Pagliero with a special alloy that makes the structure light but sturdy;
  • the innovative AlmaCrawler levelling undercarriage.

With the new UltraLight line and its products AlmaCrawler is able to satisfy the requests of the most demanding operators, as these machines can solve problems that traditional aerial platforms are unable to solve. The new JIBBI U-1570 is a self-levelling platform with a telescopic boom, suitable for many applications. Its size ensures ease of use and movement, thanks also to the basket (1.4 m wide) designed to stay in the same dimensioning width of the machine

Thanks to its features and functionality, the JIBBI U-1570, which will be available from spring 2021, is an ideal aerial platform for rental.


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