Multi-Loader 3.0 RT

  • Capacity: 3000 kg
  • Autonomy: until 7 h
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Fully electric tracked carrier with 3000 kg capacity

The Multi-Loader 3.0 RT is a variant designed to work on more difficult, uneven and slippery terrain that require a superior ground clearance.
With a ground clearance of a good 220 mm, it is suitable for working in extreme conditions.

It has class-leading electric drive with two super quiet AC electric motors 5.3 kW each (rated IP 67), can be fitted with AGM or Lithium batteries and features three power management configurations:

ECO 1.2 km/h
STD 1.8 km/h
POW 4.2 km/h

Main features

  • Full electric drive
  • Fully removable battery pack
  • Ground clearance of a good 220 mm
  • Extendable telescopic beams
  • Swivel platform
  • Adaptive rollers

Standard features

  • Radio remote control
    Provided with display & double battery
  • On board diagnostics
  • 12V auxiliary socket
  • Non-marking tracks
  • Front and rear hazard ligths
  • Three different driving modes
    MAIN / ED-S / DC-S
  • Three power management configurations
    ECO / STD / POW
  • Automatic tilt alarm with speed reduction


The ML 3.0 RT comes with a wide range of fully installable, completely independent attachments to amplify its range of applications and allow operators to achieve more.

  • Dumper KIT – Installable dumper kit, with rotating base and radio remote controlled.
  • Dolly – Support extension, helps carry extra-long loads easily.
  • Multi-Frame – Double-sided a-frame rack for the safe transport and storage of windows, flat glass or insulating glass units.
  • Lifter KIT – The Lifter Kit is a fully removable hydraulic scissor lift table available in two options: KML 1.0 – Single stage, KML 2.0 – Double stage.
  • Forest Kit – Forest kit for safe transport of logs.

For further information please contact


For further information please contact


Technical data Dati tecnici
Max Capacity 3000 kg (<25°) Portata
Max Capacity at max gradient 2000 kg Portata su max inclinazione
Max longitudinal gradient 40° Inclinazione longitudinale max
Max lateral gradient 25° Inclinazione laterale max
Width 890 mm Larghezza
Length 1860 mm Lunghezza
Track length 1230 mm Lunghezza cingolo
Track width 250 mm Larghezza cingolo
Ground clearance 220 mm Altezza suolo libero
Platform ground height 720 mm Altezza piano di carico
Max speed 4.2 km/h Velocità max
Swiwel platform Standard Piano di carico girevole
Power of electric motors 10,6 kW Potenza motori elettrici
Voltage 48 V Voltaggio
Battery capacity & Type (100Ah) AGM LTH Pacco batterie (100Ah)
Charger Input & Time (110–230 V) 7h – 13A 4h – 20A Tempo di ricarica e caricabatteria
Ingress Protection IP IP67 Grado di protezione IP
Controller Remote radio control Radiocomando
Non-marking tracks Optional Cingoli anti-traccia
Gross weight 975 kg 805 kg Peso totale


KLM 1.0 KLM 2.0
Max capacity 1000 Kg 2200 lbs 400 Kg 880 lbs
Weight (empty) 415 Kg 915 lbs 490 Kg 1080 lbs
Weight on ML 3.0 FX ELC 1205 Kg 2655 lbs 1280 Kg 2820 lbs
Weight on ML 3.0 FX LTH 1135 Kg 2500 lbs 1210 Kg 2667 lbs
Battery 12 V 100 Ah with charger 12 V 100 Ah with charger
on board (110V-230V) on board (110V-230V)
KDM 13
Max capacity 1300 Kg 2870 lbs
Weight (empty) 380 Kg 840 lbs
Struck volume 0.6 m3 21 ft3
Rated volume (ISO 6483) 0.65 m3 23 ft3
Battery 12 V 100 Ah with charger
on board (110V-230V)
Weight on ML 3.0 FX ELC 1170 Kg 2580 lbs
Max capacity 1500 Kg 3310 lbs
Weight (empty) 125 Kg 275 lbs
Max capacity 2950 Kg 6500 lbs
Weight (empty) 50 Kg 110 lbs

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