Which Multi-Loader should you choose?

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How to choose the right under 3000kg capacity Multi-Loader for the job

If you’re looking for an innovative solution for impossible situations, you are probably looking for an AlmaCrawler product. In the last 9 years, the company has become synonymous with unconventional, solution-driven product development and a go-to for highly technological access and material handling equipment. The Multi-Loader tracked transporter line added the compact ML 3.0 FX last autumn, with AlmaCrawler pushing the concept of tracked material handling further. But when it comes to choosing a Multi-Loader, which should you go with?

Where will I work?

The first question to ask is where will I need to work. The Multi-Loader line has various transport capacities – the original BL models: ML 2.5 and ML 6.0 both have AlmaCrawler’s unique, patented self-leveling technology that allows them to move loads on uneven terrain with slopes up to 20°, keeping loads safely at 0°. AlmaCrawler takes the idea of material handling to a whole new level thanks to the Multi-Loader’s capacity to provide a solution to what would normally look like an impossible situation.

The newly launched FX model – ML 3.0 FX, is a fixed frame ultra-compact tracked transporter aimed at operators who are looking for a powerful, fast, fits-through-a-door piece of equipment. The two super-quiet AC 5.3 kW engines and long tracks allow it to easily handle a variety of terrains.

Capacity and Load

One factor to consider is the weight of the load you will need to move. AlmaCrawler manufactures 3 types of Multi-Loaders and currently has more variety on the BL – self-leveling end.

The ML 2.5 allows you to move up to 2500 kg on a self-leveling flatbed (1110mm x 2400mm) on slopes up to 20° maintaining your load safely leveled.

The ML 3.0 FX has a transport capacity of 3000 kg on a fixed flatbed (760mm x 1620mm) but features telescopic extensions on each corner to allow you to change the shape of the flatbed to accommodate various types of loads – dramatically increasing the transport surface.  No self-leveling technology here but max gradeability stands at 45°.

If you are looking to move 3000 kg or less your choices are either the ML 2.5 Performance or the ML 3.0 FX.

Speed and Power options

One of the most critical aspects to consider when choosing your material handling equipment is the time you will need to successfully perform the job. The ML 2.5 has a speed of 2.2 km/h but offers continuous self-leveling more suited for mixed indoor and outdoor use while transporting sensitive or easily unbalanced loads. The ML 3.0 FX has three-speed modes: ECO 1.2 km/h, STD 1.8 km/h and POW 4.2 km/h that can be easily selected from the remote controller to allow for flexibility.

Both are fully electric with the following features:

  • The ML 2.5 Performance has 8 Lead Crystal 180 Ah 48v batteries that ensure a maximum 10h autonomy and a 110V or 220V electric pump for infinite working cycles. Recharge time? 5 hours.
  • The ML 3.0 FX has two battery pack options: AGM or Lithium – and they are interchangeable and easily extractable – no more wasting time waiting for the equipment to charge – just substitute the depleted power pack with a new one!


Overall, much depends on your company’s needs. You should closely examine the specs of the Multi-Loader line, consider your load needs, your terrain type and surroundings and finally the time you have at your disposal to perform the job. No matter which you choose, though, rest assured you’re getting the best in innovative material handling!