Multi-Loader 1.5 FX

  • Capacity: 1500 kg
  • Autonomy: until 7 h
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Fully electric tracked carrier with 1500 kg capacity

This fully electric tracked transporter is set to revolutionize the way industries handle materials, providing exceptional performance and efficiency, following suit with the Italian companies other Multi-Loader range products.

The ML 1.5 FX is specifically tailored for crane rental companies, industrial material handling, routine and extraordinary maintenance operations, and the glass and glazing sector.

With its compact size and impressive transport capacity of up to 1500kg, the ML 1.5 FX offers unprecedented versatility.

One of the ML 1.5 FX’s standout features is its fully electric drive system, setting new standards in sustainability and operational excellence.

Equipped with two powerful electric motors generating a robust 10.6kW of power, the ML 1.5 FX ensures immediate traction and accelerates to a maximum speed of 2.8km/h. The two-speed functionality allows operators to choose between optimal speed and power, depending on the task at hand.

The electric drive system delivers exceptional performance while eliminating the need for hydraulic oil. This design feature not only makes the ML 1.5 FX IP67 rated, but also enhances operational and environmental safety.

Powered by 55Ah AGM batteries, the ML 1.5 FX boasts remarkable efficiency. With a charging time of just 6 hours, the batteries provide uninterrupted operation, eliminating the need for maintenance. Additionally, the transporter’s ground clearance of 4cm and a gradeability of 45° ensure seamless navigation across various terrains.

Its versatility makes it ideal for a range of applications, including industrial operations, maintenance work, glazing industry, and even the food and pharmaceutical sectors, thanks to its IP67 rating.



Technical data Dati tecnici
Max Capacity 1500 kg 3300 lbs Portata
Max longitudinal gradient 45° Inclinazione longitudinale massima
Max laterall gradient 30° Inclinazione laterale massima
Width 700 mm 2’-3,6’’ Larghezza
Length 1170 mm 3’-6,2’’ Lunghezza
Platform ground height 500 mm 1’-7,7’’ Altezza piano di carico
Track length 794 mm 2’-7,3’’ Lunghezza cingolo
Track width 200 mm 7,9’’ larghezza cingolo
Ground clearance 40 mm 1,6’’ Altezza suolo libero
Max speed 2,8 km/h 1,7 mph Velocità max
Electric motor 10,6 kW Potenza motori elettrici
Voltage 48 V Voltaggio
Capacity 55 Ah Capacità
Battery Type AGM Pacco batterie
Recharge time 6 h Tempo di ricarica
Charge input 7,5 A Caricabatterie
Controller Remote Radio Control Consolle
Gross weight 465 kg 1025 lbs Peso totale

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