AlmaCrawler and Multiloader USA at CONEXPO 2023

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AlmaCrawler at Conexpo 2023 presents the new Multi-Loader Attachments and introduces the US market to its first crane – T-Crane 1060

AlmaCrawler will be presenting the new T-Crane 1060 and its latest updates for its Multi-Loader line at the 2023 CONEXPO with their American partner Multiloader USA, part of Fascan International Inc. ( on stand F9627 this March.


We will be showing our first self-levelling crawler mini crane T-Crane 1060 at CONEXPO, following its launch at bauma 2022. The T-Crane 1060 is the first crane product in AlmaCrawler’s material handling offering, but we strongly believe in the utility and market success of using our patented technology on cranes to allow them to be self-propelled.

The T-Crane 1060 is a pick&carry crane that can carry loads of up to 990kg (2.182lbs) on uneven and rough terrain with inclinations of up to 15° laterally and longitudinally, without stabilizers.

The tracks allow the machine to lower its overall ground pressure while maintaining its self-propelled quality, while the operator can pick up loads and travel with the T-Crane 1060 with its boom up at the maximum height of 7.7m (25.2ft). The max working radius is 6.11m (20ft) with a 450kg (992lbs) load.

Weighing only 3.850kg (8.488lbs), the T-Crane 1060 has a removable counterweight (1.000kg-2.205lbs) which when detached allows operators to transport the crane by trailer because the weight becomes 2.850kg (6.284lbs). This machine is 4.32m (14.1ft) long with an extendable undercarriage that has a variable width from 1.35m (4.4ft) to a max. 2.45m (8ft).

It can be fitted with a Yanmar diesel engine and 110V/220V electric pump in the EVO version or full electric with a 300Ah Lithium Battery pack in the LTH version. Similar to its access platforms Jibbi line, the T-Crane is fitted with a radio remote control with a Display Screen that guides the operator step by step during all stages of use.


We will also be unveiling a series of attachments for the ultra-compact tracked transporter Multi Loader 3.0 FX. These purpose-built attachments cover multiple tasks, and follow the company’s strategy to amplify the applications of its material handling division that targets big rental companies who are looking for strong ROI in specialty products.

All the accessories are fully installable, completely independent and do not permanently alter the ML 3.0 FX, but work as add-ons.

The new Lifter Kits and Dumper Kit join the original set of accessories which include:

  • The Dolly with max 1.500kg (307lbs) capacity – an extension to be used when carrying extra-long loads. Can be used to transport steel or wood beams, pipes, etc.


  • The Multiframe with a max 2.400kg (290lbs) capacity (1.200kg-2.645lbs on each side) – an a-frame double sided rack for the safe transport of windows and/or flat glass


  • The Battery Trolley – a custom storage trolley designed to help the operator easily extract the battery pack from the ML 3.0 FX. Can be used to store extra batteries or remove depleted batteries for charging while a new battery is easily installed on the ML 3.0 FX


The new kits aim to allow the ML 3.0 FX to become a 360° transporting tool that can be equipped with the right attachment for the right job each time. The concept is that of creating a solution that can be employed as various machinery without the need for multiple types of machinery on the job site. Here are the new accessories which AlmaCrawler will present at CONEXPO as a world premiere:


A hydraulic scissor lift table with a max capacity 1.000kg (2.205lbs) reaching a max height of close to 2m (6.6ft)

The kit is self-standing when removed from the ML 3.0 FX and comes equipped with all the necessary hydraulic, electric and power connections needed to make it function as soon as it is plugged in.


This second option of the Lifter Kit is identical to the above described one, the difference being that this is a double stage hydraulic scissor lift table with a max capacity of 400kg (882lbs) but a max reachable height of close to 3m (9.8ft). This offers the possibility to reach higher easier.




It is a fully installable dumper kit that can transform the tracked carrier ML 3.0 FX into a 1.300kg (2.866lbs) capacity front-loading full electric dumper.

With a robust steel bucket that can be tipped both frontally and laterally, it is built to tackle the roughest of jobs on commercial or domestic building sites, and will dramatically reduce the amount of time, money and energy operators will need to use.



More information on the new ML 3.0 FX and its attachments, as well as the T-Crane 1060 can be found by contacting an AlmaCrawler dealer or sending us an email at