Multi-Loader 3.0 FX launched at Vertikal Days

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AlmaCrawler officially presented a new product for its Multi-Loader Line at Vertikal Days in Peterborough last week – the ML 3.0 FX.

The ML 3.0 FX is a powerful and versatile flatbed truck carrier which can be used in various heavy duty applications both indoors and outdoors, with a maximum load capacity of 3,000kg. It has class leading electric drive with two super quiet AC electric motors, 5.3 kW each [rated IP 67]. It can be fitted with both AGM or Lithium batteries, both options inside an easily extractable battery pack that will allow you to change it quickly on the job site and continue your work.

It has four telescopic support beams on each angle to provide for added support for extra large loads. These can be positioned into place manually and therefore extend the platform either longitudinally or laterally.

The standard swivel platform sits on a freely-rotating slewing ring with 16 different positions which you can also manually choose from and easily adapt the platform to your load.

Finally, the new ML 3.0 FX with its electric drive and less than 800kg weight, longer tracks and adaptive rollers fully represents AlmaCrawler’s desire to cater to its material handling customers and their wide range of needs.

See the video presentation here:

Both the Italian and the UK team were present at the Vertikal Days show in Peterborough last week presenting our clients and partners the new ML 3.0 FX as well as the other new products such as the aluminum boom Jibbi U-1570 and the Billennium Spiderbooms series.

The Billennium B1890 Quick-Pro gave the show’s visitors a chance to see the new ‘Quick-Pro’ variable stabilization with telescopic outriggers live, which offers six alternative set up positions, including asymmetric.

The ‘AWP’ (Adaptive Working Performance) system – sensors on each stabilizers measuring the angle of descent and positioning of each of them individually – allows the outreach to be optimised automatically depending on the footprint selected and actual weight in the basket.

For more info see our product page here.