Almac is operational again!

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The company resumes its full activity, in compliance with the health regulations

After a first period where numerous work activities had to undergo great limitations, the so-called phase 2 finally arrived. Following the ministerial directives issued by the central government, as well as the region, Almac is once again fully operational. The company, in fact, although it has always carried out its essential activities, has implemented a series of preventive measures in order to guarantee the restoration of its productivity to full capacity, in full compliance with the health regulations in force.



Working safely: measures taken to ensure the employees’ health

The company has always paid particular attention to respect for workers’ rights. Precisely for this reason, at this particular time, it has reorganized its production in order to better protect the health and safety of all its employees. To achieve this result, Almac has implemented, for example, in compliance with the Prime Ministerial Decree of 26 April and the safety protocol of 24 April, the following procedures:

  • Personal protective equipment help for all employees, provided directly by the company
  • Staggering the entrances, so that there is no crowding and the social distancing is maintained.
  • Temperature test at the entrance, to ensure that the staff is suitable
  • Creation and dissemination of company protocols to inform staff about all aspects of Covid-19
  • Periodic sanitization of production areas
  • Daily cleaning of all corporate environments
  • Control of users coming from outside
  • Incentives and extension of the activities carried out in Smart Working


Beyond production: the services guaranteed

The above measures, in addition to reducing the possibility of contagion, are designed to ensure the continuation of a series of services for customers: for example, remote assistance will be provided on all types of machinery produced and all commercial and administrative activities will be guaranteed together. For any further information you can use the form in the contact section.