AlmaCrawler in the IAPAs Shortlist 2023

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We are excited to travel to London on 19 April 2023 to attend the IAPAs– our JIBBI 1890 PRiMO been shortlisted for the IAPA Awards Product of the Year – Self Propelled Booms & Atrium Lifts category.

The event will be held at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel London Kensington and we look forward to attending!

AlmaCrawler’s commitment is to push the boundaries of the aerial work platform industry by investing significant resources in researching and developing new technologies that simplify and improve the safety of operators when working at height. JIBBI 1890 PRiMO is an integral part of the JT series which it extends, featuring the same innovative levelling technology that sets the AlmaCrawler products apart, self-levelling on slopes up to 15° laterally and longitudinally.

The JIBBI 1890 PRiMO is a full electric with electric drive 18m working height tracked telescopic boom – self-propelled up to 14m even on slopes, a unique feature.

With a total weight of 5900 kg, it is the lightest 18 m telescopic boom, capable of operating even on heavy, sloping and slippery terrain. With a 250kg basket capacity, it features two options for the operating reach – max 9.9m in the 140kg working diagram and max 8.3m in the 250kg working diagram.

The PRiMO features a fixed track width of 2.20m that will comfortably allow it to work in narrow spaces and self-tensioning tracks. This makes the PRiMO maintenance free so no more grease!

The length of the tracks and width of the tracks also ensure superior grip but create low ground pressure, and with a 38cm ground clearance, will make working on rough, rocky or muddy terrain, easier than ever.

As the previous models of the same family, the JIBBI 1890 PRiMO uses the automatic levelling system “Dynamic Levelling”, developed to compensate gradients of up to 22° (40%) during transport operations, and the Pro-Active Levelling technology, which intervenes automatically during “driving at height” operations.

The JIBBI 1890 PRiMO is the first fully electric with electric traction AWP launch for AlmaCrawler – the PRiMO has three battery pack options which are COMPLETELY REMOVABLE and REPLACEABLE – meaning that you can potentially achieve infinite autonomy and allow the platform to work non-stop by simply changing its battery pack as you would do with an electric tool.

The options are:

  • ELC – Lead Acid 420Ah 48V – 720kg – 6.5h recharge time
  • LTH 330 – Lithium 330Ah 48V – 300kg – 5h recharge time
  • LTH 440 – Lithium 440Ah 48V – 350kg – 6.5h recharge time

As a standard, it features a 1.8 m wide basket which rotates +/- 70° guaranteeing a maximum capacity of 250 kg. The controller has been redesigned to streamline the operator’s user experience and features a standard anti-entrapment system that helps to protect the operator against crushing accidents.

The AES anti-entrapment system is designed to prevent serious injury by stopping the unit when the operator is crushed against it. Our innovative system furthermore will go back on its trajectory for 3-5 seconds allowing space for the operator to safely remove himself.

Like all the AlmaCrawler products, the JIBBI 1890 PRiMO is equipped with high-standard technology that enhances its performance mix, combining “Weight, Dimensions, Working Height and Operating Reach”. Here are the extras that the JIBBI 1890 PRiMO can be equipped with:

  • Ultrasonic anti-collision system, to protect operators in the basket with anti-crush barrier function in the two directions of movement of the basket (in the upper and lower part). This system protects operators from unforeseen and accidental impacts.
  • New work lights as a helpful tool both for nighttime work as well as job sites with limited visibility.

The JIBBI 1890 PRiMO was launched at the Bauma 2023 trade fair and has already proven to be a big hit with visitors, customers, and partners. It represents the evolution of our JT-LINE telescopic boom platform product range, taking work at heights to the next level.