AlmaCrawler commits to the environment

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Ethical business and sustainability are key differentiators today, and we work hard to offer our industry high-performance platforms with reduced environmental impact.

Operating with respect for human and environmental resources is one of the goals that sets us apart.

The production of electric platforms not only responds to market demands for indoor and outdoor use but also contributes to our mission of becoming more sustainable and reducing our negative impact. In this regard, we are proud to announce that we have taken another step forward, as the lithium batteries used in our platforms have become cobalt-free as of 1 January 2022!
In 2020, our cobalt-free battery partner, Aliant Battery, has embarked on a journey to offer the market a range of rechargeable lithium batteries based on lithium iron phosphate – LFP (LiFePO4) technology – that are completely cobalt-free.

This is a great achievement for our industry and we at AlmaCrawler are extremely excited for our supplier’s chosen path because cobalt-free batteries allow a significantly smaller environmental impact due to a reduction in mining activities, better end-of-life management of the batteries due to the ease of recycling the cells, and a reduction in the exploitation of the workforce, the vast majority of which takes place in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In fact, the main source of cobalt is the Democratic Republic of Congo, where there are unsafe and unethical mining practices, with thousands of workers, sometimes underage, working in harsh and dangerous conditions, constantly facing the possibility of death and serious injuries.

Andrea Artoni, General Manager, said: “We are pleased to be able to partner with forward-thinking partners. We carefully choose our supply chain by measuring our goals and expectations against those of our future partners. Aliant Battery has once again proven to the market they have a clear intention to invest in sustainability and innovation. We offer the market platforms with smarter, cleaner batteries in line with our ethical standards because of our commitments and we intend to study more and more sustainable solutions with our partners in the future”.