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JIBBI 1670 EVO: the evolution of JT-LINE


AlmaCrawler presents the new JIBBI 1670 EVO Self-propelled Telescopic Crawler Boom

JIBBI 1670 EVO represents the evolution of the JT series, not only in terms of working height but also in terms of technology, versatility and innovation. This new addition stands out not only due to its maximum working height of 16 m, but also for the operating reach that ranges from 6.7 to 8.5 m and the possibility for the operator to travel up to a moving height of 9 m.

Introducing a new feature, a variable undercarriage track width with different track-opening configurations that allow the operator to work in narrow spaces but then stabilize to achieve full working height – operating track widths: 1.35 m, 1.90 m, 2.20 m and 2.45 m.

A newly introduced feature, born as a result of our research & development department’s work, is the new remote connected control panel that through the dedicated APP “MyAlmac Control Panel” allows the continuous monitoring of the machine’s service status, while offering the possibility to interact/modify the operating parameters adapting them to the requirements of your fleets.

Like our previous models, the JIBBI 1670 EVO uses the automatic levelling system “Dynamic Levelling”, our globally recognized technology, able to compensate gradients of up to 22° (40%) during transport conditions travelling and the Pro-Active Levelling technology, which works to cover the “driving at height” operations.

Equipped with a 3-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine (14.1kW – 19.2 HP), this self-propelled unit has a total weight of only 3850 kg with a ground load of 3.1 KN/m2. Its compact size allows the machine to be used in restricted spaces, thus ensuring ease of use and movement. In transport conditions JIBBI 1670 EVO showcases a minimum width of 1.35 m, a stowed height of 1.99 m and a full length of 5.17 m which can be further reduced to only 4.40 m by quickly and easily dismounting the basket. The standard basket is 1.4 m wide basket (designed to allow the operator to position it in the same width of the machine), but we also offer the option of a slightly wider 1.8 m basket, designed to favour the comfort of the operators.  Both versions have the possibility to rotate +/- 70° while guaranteeing a maximum capacity of 230 kg. The optional configuration is completed by the 200 Series Winch Kit already presented and promoted on the JIBBI 1250 and 1270 range.

What technologies are used?

Like all the AlmaCrawler products, the JIBBI 1670 EVO is standardly equipped with cutting edge technology that enhances its performance mix, combining weight, dimensions, working height and operating reach and establishing it as a revolutionary product for the world of lifting, designed to simplify, speed up and increase productivity while catering and satisfying safety standards for operators:

  • DWP – Dynamic Working Performance, dynamic, real-time management of the performance of the machine based on the real working conditions. The system, subject to patent application, operates by simultaneously analyzing the slope parameters of the ground, the configuration of the roadway used and the instantaneous load in the basket, dynamically determining the best available working performance so that the operator can remain focused on his work at height.
  • Safe-Lock System, a system to prevent track spillage from the tensioning wheels, both toothed.
  • Ultrasonic anti-collision system, to protect operators in the basket with anti-crush barrier function in the two directions of movement of the basket (in the upper and lower part). This system protects operators from unforeseen and accidental impacts.

The JIBBI 1670 EVO  unveiled at the new Crawler Park, a Demo Area directly located at the new Almac headquarters in Viadana, during three Live Events broadcasted on all the official social channels of the company, on June 9th, 10th, 11th.

Would you like more information?

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